Whatever the occasion, greeting cards are a wonderful way of expressing affection, gratitude, or to congratulate family and friends. It has been a perennial problem in the UK finding good quality Multicultural or Afrocentric greeting cards on the high street. Out of frustration with the lack of choice in purchasing greeting cards which were a representation of our African-Caribbean culture, Ma Nubiah was born.

Whilst primarily a greeting card publishing company, Ma Nubiah has extended it’s range of products to include gift items as well as Home Decor Prints and Cushions. An additional arm of the company is our sister company Adero, where our focus is creating beautiful Bespoke Wedding Stationery.

At Ma Nubiah, we strive to deliver excellent customer service, and to produce beautiful products you will want to hold on to as keepsakes.


Whether you are a new or returning customer we welcome you to our online store, and we are confident you will be sure to find items that are a reflection of you or the intended recipient.